Moomin Emma Purse Clutch Bag Dreaming

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A colorful purse from the Moomin collection with a metallic closure mechanism and plenty of space for everyday small items. The design features a charming illustration created from Tove Jansson's books of the Moomin Valley inhabitants, dreaming among large, colorful flowers. The design is charming and trendy.


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The Emma name for the bag model dates back to Dangerous Midsummer book by Tove Jansson. The lonely and cranky Emma is old and still works as a theater cleaner. Emma always has bones in her hand and round glasses. The Emma bag is rectangular in shape with rounded corners and a handy metal button closure. The pouch is made of durable cotton canvas.

In The Dream Patterns, the Moomintroll, Snorkmaid and Little My Lady have found a flowerbed that has huge blooms that give it a heady scent and lead to a magical atmosphere. With big colorful flowers, you can dream of eternal summer and glorious colors. How can flowers be so big? Now is the perfect time to be completely at peace and dream, to dream of all the wonderful things. Life is happy, right now it's good to be.

The bag fits neatly a phone, keys and other small accessories. It can even be used as a makeup bag or as a small, casual clutch-style bag. Style and fun for the day!
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20 x 15 x 10 cm