Moomin Children Headphones BuddyPhones Little My Pink


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Size17 x 19 x 6 cm

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Safe and comfortable on-ear headphones designed for children's needs with great Moomin themes. The built-in Decibel Limiter ensures maximum safe levels of up to 85dB for children's sensitive ears and takes care of the child's evolving hearing. 85pcs is a safe sound level recommended by the WHO for children.

The headphones are also really rugged to withstand hard handling.

Adjustable and padded strap makes long-lasting use comfortable. The headset's removable cord ensures safe use.

BuddyCable lets you connect up to four BuddyPhones headphones to the same device so that children can enjoy a new Moomin TV series at the same time from one device. With a microphone, headphones can also be used for talking to grandparents via Skype.

The folding headset fits in a small space and comes with a stylish Moomin-themed cloth bag for the headset to travel with you.

Five great Moomin figures in fresh color variants.

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